Four best e-commerce website templates: updated for 2018

Four best e-commerce website templates: updated for 2018

Adding an e-commerce store to your website, or creating one from scratch is an excellent way to increase your business revenue and client base. This is especially true if you are a small business owner and are planning to expand your operations without spending a lot of money. Ideally, adding e-commerce functionality to what you already have is both a good idea and a smart one.

When it comes to developing a great e-commerce website from scratch, a great design is a must-have. The design you choose to run with will determine how much traffic you attract and eventually how many sales you make each day. Needless to say, a well-designed and responsive website will put your products in the spotlight and help increase your sales. If you are new to the web design world, I recommend you use any of the following e-commerce website templates to develop your site.


Ezy is a reliable website template which comes ready and set with three easy to follow demos that can effectively educate you on how to set up your site. Apart from being compatible with all modern web browsers, Ezy easily fits well with different mobile devises irrespective of their display screen sizes. Other things that make the template stand out include its contemporary and clean design and its completely customizable features.


Emporium is a convenient and powerful e-commerce website template that fits well with different online store options. It is an angular web template which follows Google’s Material Design regulations, and because of this, many people consider it as being a website template that is easy to modify and use. Basically, with Emporium, you can start selling accessories, bags, shoes and even electronic devices without necessarily seeking assistance on how to go about it.


Nephos is an attractive, smart, trendy and responsive e-commerce website template that has been designed with care and patience for hobbyists and entrepreneurs. The template has a beautiful interface which contains many features, unique CSS frameworks based on Flexbox and generally responsive display option which is compatible with different types of displays.


ArtFurniture is one of the best e-commerce website templates with multiple features which focus mainly on selling furniture and all available options. Simply put, ArtFurniture can handle any given scenario that comes its way. That said, you fundamentally should not be misled by the name since the site showcase furniture, electronics, sports and fashion items among other things.

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