3 Reasons Why Building Your E-Commerce Website On Shopify Is the Best Idea

Are you planning to move your physical store online without any success? For startups and small businesses, financial challenges and limited budget are the main challenges that hinder their virtualization. Most of them keep on postponing the dream to sell online due to lack of finances to cater for an e-commerce platform and hosting. You may be in this category, and it is taking ages since you wrote down that dream. Also, you might have tried to reach out to most of the big wigs in the e-commerce sector only to find that the available features are not suitable for small business. The good news is that Shopify ecommerce is here for you. Shopify is an e-commerce solution focusing on helping upcoming entrepreneurs establish their online stores. Here are 4 reasons you should consider it:

e-commerce solution


Is cost your primary barrier to selling online? Well, you are not alone. A large percentage of upcoming webpreneurs fail to venture into the virtual arena as they lack finance to cater to the web costs. The burden becomes unbearable as most of the leading platforms charge their client’s amount equivalent to the double revenue of a small business annual budget. Hence, it becomes unaffordable for them. However, Shopify has several packages that can work well with small businesses. The basic package starts at $9 per month. Regardless of the items you are selling online, you can easily afford the amount. In fact, it is equivalent to the profit you earn by selling a single item. Hence, you do not have to shelve your dream any more.

Business development resources

Apart from the affordability aspect, Shopify has a goal of helping you grow your business. The platform provides you with an array of business development resources. These resources help you to garner ideas for taking your business to the next level. Also, if you lack insight on the best product to offer in your online store or you want to add a new one, Shopify helps you in identifying a winning and a worthy product that will earn you more revenue within a short duration. In addition, you get materials and tutorials on how you can enhance your customer service and order fulfilment. You will acquire knowledge on how to attract and retain customers. Hence, Shopify does not only offer you a platform to house your e-commerce site, but also it walks with you until you realize your goals. This service and opportunity are rare to find in other popular e-commerce platforms.

Business development resources

Reliable Support

If you are not a first-timer, you have experienced this challenge where your website went down during a peak season. You can ascertain the feeling you had. Particularly, if your web hosting provider or platform were reluctant to respond to you. If they were not able to restore your website immediately. No platform can assure you a 100% uptime, but how they react during the downtime crisis matters. Faster responses help you to avoid losses. Also, you might not be a tech guru. So, you will need some guidance to build your online store. Shopify understands all your worries. With it, you are sure of reliable customer support during and after your store creation process. The platform offers you 24/7 support services through live chats, emails, and phone calls. This way, you can conduct your business with peace of mind.


In summary, Shopify is a reliable e-commerce platform for startup and small businesses. It provides features and resources that support the dreams and efforts of upcoming webpreneurs. Some of its benefits are reliable customer support, affordability, and business development resources.

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